Wednesday, March 25, 2009
25 March 2009

Finally done with the first assignment and presentation! *Hooray* My group did quite well in the presentation. I'm wondering how's the marks for it. Anyway, at least we all did oir best for it! My group members said they'll treat me eat if we get a satisfy mark since almost the whole assignment was done by ME. *smile*
Pitures for today:

*The GSC Group*

*D'Bakery Group*

*Me*Yue Peng*

*Me*Xiao Ying*

Tuesday, March 24, 2009
24 March 2009

Tuesday 17/3/2009
*Birthday cake for Wei Wei & Kee Wei*

*Wei Wei & Kee Wei*

*Make A Wish*


*Wei Wei*LiLiaN*Lin Xi*Xiao Ying*Me*

Wednesday 18/3/2009

*Another pink shirt from PDI*

Saturday 21/3/2009

*Present for Shan*

*All of us*

*Me*Shan*Jia Khee*Vye Khee*Carmen*

*Ah Keong*Tallen*Ngan Zai*
[Carmen's * Shan's * Mine]

[Bye Bye! See you 2 in Kampar again! muakss]

Sunday 22/3/2009

*Singlet from Padini*

*Ipoh San Poh Tong*

[went there for Qing Ming purpose]

*My cousin sister's daughter*

[what should i call them huh?]

Sunday, March 15, 2009
15 March 2009

Yesterday was White Valentine's Day. I'm wondering how many couples there will be celebrate it. *swt* I'm definitely not one of those celebrating it. What's the purpose to celebrate it? As one of my friend said, everyday will be your Valentine's if you're happy with your partner. Yeah! I'm totally agree with that. *winks*

Last night, my bii came my house find me and help my mom to repair the air-cond. The air-cond in my mom's room was so noisy and she has been calling many service men to fix it but the same answer came from them everytime. “Your air-cond too old already, change one la. Can't fix one la.” Hey! My mom just change the air-cond in just a year time! So, my bii is gonna show his profession. *laugh* He just brought 2 small rubber rings and used half an hour time to fixed it. Now, the air-cond diam already. *laugh* Let's give a big craps to my bii. *craps*

Later on, we went to have dessert at “Tim But Lat” dessert house which located at Taman Segar. (the shoplot outside Leisure Mall) Not a good place to go for dessert. There are very less choices of dessert. Although the price are not so expensive, but, the dessert not so tasty also le.

*Mango Pudding*

*Dimple Special*

*Water Chestnut Sweet Soup*

Sunday. Since I want to buy shoes and clothes as well, bii brought me to Midvalley. *winks* We were planning to watch movie also, but, when we reach the cinema. OMG! The queue was so damn long! So, we forced to wave hand with the cinema. *sad*

Then, we just shop around to get my things. Saw a pair of shoes at Vincci, but, my size finished already. *ish* Went into Niichi, it is damn small la. I prefer The Mines that one. I think it is 6 times bigger than the Midvalley one. So, can't get anything inside also. Next shop was MNG. Tried 4 shirts there and lastly got myself 2 of it. *winks* When the time we pay, the cashier told us, since we already over RM200, so we can get another one piece of cloth to get 20% discount. I refused to do that because the other two shirts that I've tried are not really suit. So, we just paid RM214 for the 2 shirts. When I get into the car, I think over and over again. 20%. The T-shirt cost RM95 if 20% discount, it'll be RM76, and another long sleeve cost RM115, after 20%, it'll be RM92. OMG! That’s mean I can get another clothe that cost RM46 for FREE. (I mean if I pay the amount of RM214 la.) *swt* Stupid people had make stupid mistake.

*The Gardens Toilet*

*My formal skirt from Comma*


*My very 1st pink colour shirt*

*Long Sleeve*

At night, we have planned to eat BBQ Steamboat at Serdang. Since it always raining nowadays, so we thought there might be less people. But, once we reached there, it is crowded. They do not even have ONE empty table for us. Damn disappointed. I just want to eat BBQ steamboat. No other thing! So, pity my bii drive all the way down to puchong, sunway just to find BBQ steamboat for me. *sweet* Finally, we stopped at sunway. There's a BBQ steamboat called Tasty Pot that have been introduced by Ho-Chiak. Foods are not bad. Only cost RM23.80 per person. The Marmite Chicken Wing and the small fried mantao are the best! *winks*

*Spot the Ho-Chiak sign?*

Thursday, March 12, 2009
12 March 2009

Meet up with April, Eric and Chin Chea at 10.30am in library. We were there to discuss about the BO assignment. April and I were searching for the floor plan of the cinema while Eric was drawing the design of the seat and Chin Chea was there to watch us and give us comments since the accounts thing could not be done at the moment.

OMG! The GSC Cinema in The Gardens is so damn nice and high class! I’ve made up my mind to go there watch movie very soon! *laugh* Can’t wait to go there. Really nice la!

My blackie water bottle was left in the lecture hall on last Thursday after the BO lecture. So, I’m forced to use another low-ya pinky bottle with a snoopy cartoon there. Why I lost it on last Thursday and now only I mention it here? *laugh* During the half hour break time, we went out to the lecture hall and something was attracting my attention. Yeah! My blackie bottle! The cleaner aunty placed it outside their rest room. However, I was confusing whether should I bring it back? It has been lost for a week, I’m scared of it is full with bacteria. *swt* My friends said very waste if I just leave it there because it cost RM16.90! They asked me to bring it back and sterilize it with hot water. So, I just bring it back le.

These 2 weeks very busy with assignments and presentations le. Feel so tired and it’s like there are still many things to do. Week 2 almost end, next week will be week 3 already. Half month gone, left only one month! *swt* Gambateh! Gotta end here to do assignment now. Bye!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009
11 March 2009

Yeah! Today got class at 8am. *Tiring* Last night slept at 11 something. Sleep quite early while my bii was still busy with his work. *pity* I asked him MUST call me once he had finish his work because I will be worrying him as well. When I was in my own sweet dream, bii finally called me. It was already 1.29am. OMG! Now only he finished work. *hug* Tomorrow night will be working at KLCC again, so, another tiring night for him.

As we (college friends) already talked about play basketball since last week. Therefore, we had a basketball game today after the OB lecture. Almost the whole DMK4 were there. I did join them to play also. However, I can’t help my team much. *sorry* I’m zero for the basketball ma. Don’t blame me la. At least I tried. *laugh*


*DMK4 cutie WeiWei*

After 2 hours of basketball, we headed to PA block to attend the next tutorial class. We finished the class at 2pm, and then Yee Soo, Yue Peng, Lilian, April and me headed to Maybank which located at Genting Klang to do some research for the FOS assignment. Was planning to do the credit card things but we found there are less amount of people using the Maybank credit card. So, we changed our direction to Child-EduCare Program.

We only used around 10 minutes in the bank. Why? F**k! the customer servicer! When we were asking her about how to apply the credit card things, the way she answers us was like looking down on us. It’s like we got no qualifications to apply for it. The way she treats customer is just s**ks! I really don’t like Maybank since the first day I went there to apply for a new saving account.

Okay. Stop talking about the Maybank things. Later than that, we went to eat our lunch at PizzaHut. While we were eating, we talk a lot. From Malaysia talk till South Africa. *laughing* Chit-chat at there for about three and half hours. *wow* The conversations were mostly about our bfs. *sweet* Feel happy too when I was listening to their love stories. Know that their bfs treat them very good also. My bii treat me very good also of course. *winks*

*Mushroom Soups*


We left PizzaHut at 5.30pm. Due to April need to find her bf, so we have to end the chit-chat session earlier. If not, we might talk till the day turns dark. *laughing* We just got a lot to talk even we used to see each others everyday. OMG! Miss my ji muis la! Khees, Shan, Carmen!!! I miss you GIRLS (Carmen, I didn’t use wrong word ar! You all are GIRL, not GUY! *laugh* ) la. *muakss* Go Kampar!

Tomorrow have to wake up earlier le. Class actually starts at 12.30pm. However, we have to discuss about the BO assignment together. Only left 2 weeks to finish it. So, we decided to meet at Library around 10.30am. Means, I have to wake up at 9am? *swt*

Sunday, March 8, 2009
8 March 2009

Today is the 5th month I coupled with bii. I spent my day at my grandma's home-Bentong. How was my bii's day? He spent his day with Mr. Chow. *laughing*

I left my grandma's home around 7pm. After that, my bii came to pick me up. We went for our dinner. Later than that, I've bought half dozen of donuts from Big Apple. Bii paid for it because he had promised me since my results was not bad. *winks*
Nothing much happens today. I think that's it for now. Good night! *muakss*

Friday, March 6, 2009
7 March 2009

2nd sem results is released on today. This morning I wake up automatically at 9am and can't fall asleep again. *weird* So, i sms-ed my college friend to ask whether the results has been posted to the website already. After that only I get my butt off from the bed and wash my face.

It was around 10am when I’m sitting in front the computer and try hard to log in to the TARC website. It runs very slow since there were thousands of diploma students logging in at the same time to check for their results too. I only successfully viewed my results at 11.14am. Yeah! I took about 1 hour to log in the intranet of TARC.

Got a bit disappoint because I can’t get an A for my ME. I got all B’s for my results except FOA. Already expected. *smile* I just don’t like Accounting subjects. Got a big improvement compared with the results in 1st sem. Thanks bii! He had given me a quite big of influence that makes me feel like I must study hard. He just supports me all the time and always asks me to do revision before exam. Honestly, sometimes I did lie him that I was doing revision while I’m not. *laughing*

Bii’s ex was sms him back again last night. It has been ages they never contact with each other since they’ve broke up. His ex got new boyfriend as well. But, what I heard from bii was that guy treats her not really well. She had been crying for almost a month because of her boyfriend. She even told my bii she couldn't found a guy like how good my bii used to treat her. (Yeah! My bii is really good in treating his girl *winks* ) Then, my bii just feels upset after listening to her because she has not much friend in KL.
(She’s from Johor and came here for studies and now graduated, currently working in cyberjaya)

I felt pity to her too. But, I’m worry that bii will be leaving me and turn back to her. I did tell him about how I feel. “I love you more than I used to love her! I feel comfortable to be with you now and I just want you!”. This was what I get from him. *sweet*

Anyway. Just like what I’ve mentioned in the previous blog. Do not worry about tomorrow! How I think, how I act, what I accomplish today will determine my future! So, what I need to do is love him as much as he loves me or even more than he do. *muakss*

6 March 2009

I was on the phone with bii last night and suddenly, Carmen rings me up. I picked up the phone and I was shocked by her. She told me that they (herself, Shan, blur and Lin) have a fight in MSN just now. It's all started with bloggie stuff.

I don’t know why things will become like this now. From the beginning, we just hope Lin can understand what our feel is when she done those things to us because of her loves one. Anyway, I just don’t want to give any comment about it anymore. Just let it be since she wants to end up our friendship just because of someone she THOUGHTS that is very IMPORTANT to her.

Just now went Station One yum cha with Shan and Carmen. Most of our conversations were about the incident with Lin. I don’t know is it we’re the one who wrong in this incident. I really need someone with very clear minded to tell me. 6 years if friend. Feel sad and disappointed. Sad because lose a friend. Disappoint because she just gives up our friendship and choose her so-called good girlfriend.

“Your tomorrow is today! Your today was yesterday’s tomorrow! Concentrate on today. Do not worry about tomorrow. There are enough worries for today. How you think, how you act, what you accomplish today will determine your future-tomorrow!”

Found this very meaningful while I was reading the FOS text book few days ago.

So, people, think before you do something. Don’t know what to say again. Just feel tired and sick to care for the thing anymore. Good night!

5 March 2009

Today sleeps till 11am only wake up. I had a bad dream this morning. In my stupid dream, my bii dumped me because of a girl. I cried in the dream and I found myself with tears too when I woke up. I quickly call him and told him about that and he laughed at me. *swt*

Class at 12.30, so, after bathed, went canteen to buy some foods for my brunch, because later only got half an hour break before start the next class. When I was on the way out to attend the class, it started to rain. Heavy like hell. *shit* Although I was holding umbrella, my whole legs got wet too.

It is a must for me to mention about the FOS lecturer here! She claimed that she is an ex TARC FIRST CLASS HONOUR GRADUATED student. But, the way she teaches is just like SHIT. Another Tracy Leong (FOA lecturer in sem 2). “I supposed you all know/understand these”, she just skipped whatever points she likes after talking this. Hey! If we know it, then we won’t be here to attend classes la. I know we have to cover 17 chapters in just 7 weeks time, but, please explain the things more in detail la. How could we understand it when you’re skipping the points and just briefly explain the rest of it? You said you used to be a student last time, so, you should know what is a student needs! I just like the way our beloved ME teacher teaching.

Okay. Stop talking about it. I just feel very happy today because my idea for the business plan was accepted. Make me feel more confidence to be in the field of marketing. *winks* My idea is combining the foods service and the cinema together. Since the cinemas are not allowing us to bring in outside foods, and there are only few choices of snacks for us to choose which cannot full fill our hunger, I’ve got an idea to improve this problem. That is open up a kitchen in the cinema. By the time we buying ticket at the counter we can have a look on the meal menu and order it at the counter too. Then, the foods will be delivered when we are seated. Normally the movie ticket will have the seat number, so, when we ordered the foods, the servicer will deliver it to us according to the seat number on the ticket. Where’s the table to place the foods? No worries. It is just like the way how people eat in the aeroplane. The small-table-like board will be installed at the back of the seat with a small light. When we pull down the board, the light will be lighten up at the same time, so, we do not need to worry about the darkness in the cinema that we could not see our meal properly.

I think this idea is not bad. It can earn quite a big amount of profits. 9 out of 10 persons will go to cinema for a movie at least once in a month. So, many of them can have their meal during the movie time. They don’t need to eat before the movie even though they still not hungry yet. Or, wait till the movie finish only go to eat with a very hunger stomach. *smile*

If the cinemas have this kind of changes in the future, I’ll be extremely excited and happy. *laughing*

4 March 2009

Today got class at 8am. Slept at 12 last night to make sure I could wake up in this morning. (I admit, I’m a lazy ass. Always slept over and skip morning class *swt* ) Before I sleep last night, I had a small quarrel with bii on the phone. Not going to mention the problem here. But, we okay already. No worries. *winks*

Nothing special for the Organizational Behavior class today. Finally there’s one subject that we do not need to do assignment. BUT, we got mid-term test on the week 4 and week 7! OMG! Week 4! I’ve got 2 assignments to pass up on week 4, 1 presentation and mid-term test! All gather together! *SWT* Could I finish all these in just 3 weeks time? God bless me.

Today’s OB lecture class ended earlier. Supposed to have class till 10am but we left the hall at 9am. Early right? So, we headed to canteen to have our breakfast. After that we went library to search for the text book that our lecturer want us to have it during class. Here to say sorry to the others who want to borrow the text too. We, I mean 6 of us had borrowed the entire Fundamental of Selling text book in the library. Cannot blame us what. TARC got thousands of students, but, there are only 6 text books there. Go scold the library in charge person la. *laughing*

Was planning to do some research on banking and finance for the FOS assignment during the few hours break time before the next class at 12pm. But, the very CLEVER me had brought a laptop with only 29% battery left. How clever am I! I thought it has been fully charged last night so I did not bring along the AC adaptor. Therefore, we had a G-R-O-U-P-S-T-U-D-Y there. *winks* hardworking

It’s like we will be having test on the next day. But, this is only the second day of school la. Impossible that having test on the 3rd day. Learn nothing also, what to test? The pictures show that we all are a good actress. Good in pretending hardworking. *laughing* Any director need such actress in the movie, come contact us.

3 March 2009

3rd semester is started on 3 of March which means today. After being rotten for a month (2nd semester break) at home, I finally meet with my college friends (gila gang) again. Miss them so much. *muaks* I was not able to attend the sing k session with them on Monday because I was at my Bii’s home, no transport to go out and I want to save money also. Plan to use only RM30 a week. Is it possible? 4 days staying at hostel, 2 meals per day. Anyway, just try my best not to use so much money.

Okay. Back to my college life. This semester is a short sem. It only last for 6 weeks for attending classes and another 2-3 weeks for examination. Which means, we have to done everything is ONE and HALF months time. Wth! Although there are only 3 subjects and I had been thinking that we only have to attend only 2 or 3 days of classes a week. But, I was WRONG. We only off for Monday, and Tuesday till Friday are packed with 2 lecture classes for each subject, 2 hours each lecture and tutorial class once a week for each subject but from 1 hour had been changed to 2 hours. OMG! It is damn rush. First day of class already got 2 assignments which have to submit on the week 4. 3 weeks away from now. *faint* But, I felt quite excited too, because after two sem of studying those so-called business-needed subjects, finally we start something related with MARKETING in this sem.

The Fundamentals of Selling assignment is about to present the way how we build customer relationship through selling process. So, we have to think as much ideas as we can to build the relationship between the seller and customers. Yeah! Finally our brain can start functioning for thinking some ideas. *smile* Another assignment is Business Organization. We are asked to do a business plan. What kind of business to be run, how it works, and so on. More marks will be allocated for new idea. What is considering as a new idea? For example, the saloons now are using the old method to wash the customers’ hair. New idea is we can invent a looks-like-toilet-bowl washbasin, the customer can place her head there and then flush it, and the shampoo will be cleaned. (I know this idea is damn c-a-c-a-t, but I still want to mention here because it was an idea come out from our beloved course rep. – RUBY) *laugh*

*My piece of art during FOS lecture*

Supposed to have 2 hours lecture class from 12 to 2pm today. But our beloved lecturer, PUSH-PA (her name) *laugh* have to attend a meeting, so, the class ended earlier after she gave us some briefing about the Business Organization. Class ended around 12.40pm. Our next class is at 3pm. Since we still have so much time, we suggested to find Zhen It for a drink. It had been half a year we didn’t meet since the end of first sem. So, we all headed to Feeling’s Café which located at Wangsa Maju with 4 cars. *wow*

*Feeling's Cafe*

*There are 20 of us*

The café is not bad. Left hand side is the place for you to makan minum, and not to forget, there is a small stage for singing purpose. A nice place to yum cha with a bunch of friends at night. The price there is cheap and reasonable also. Then, the right hand side is a pool area. There have 2 pool tables and a photo hunt machine. It only cost RM2 each game for the pool. Not bad.

After chit-chatting for a while, we had divided into 3 groups. One was play pool, another one was photo hunting and the PSP group. *swt* Kah Wai was start playing his ANG ANG (red colour) psp non-stop once he sit down and ordered his drink, and another few guys were watching him. I joined the pool group. I did not play with them because I do not really know the skill to play and the shirt I wore not suitable to play also. I just stand beside and watch the guys playing.

*Su Khong*Eric*Jie Chou*

*The stage at the back*

We left there at 2.45pm since we still got class at 3pm. Headed back to college to attend the FOS tutorial class. There, the tutor briefs us on how to do the assignment and also the presentation. Our group had decided to do the banking and finance industry. Will be starting doing research on tomorrow. Hope we will come out with a perfect work.

Before end the post, I would like to share a very cute drawing which I found it hanging on the wall in the café.

Cute, right? *winks* I just like it. ;)

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