Friday, December 11, 2009
Aquaria KLCC & Nak Won Korean BBQ Restaurant

As I mentioned in the previous post,
i've been to the Aquaria KLCC on last sunday with my bii, april and her bf.

my bii and i had dim sum as our breakfast before heading to KLCC.
and what a coincident is, april had dim sum as breakfast also. XD
reached KLCC and searched for the location of Aquaria.
followed the foot steps of the other people to the KLCC convention center as the aquaria located a level below.

when we entered to the entrance,
there are "people mountain people sea".
i was wonder why there are still so many people going there
as it had opened for a period of time.
perhaps, it is still new for the tourists.

april's bf queued up to buy tickets for us.
while he was in the line,
the worker there came and ask me whether i'm still studying or working.
i answered studying of course.
then he asked again universtity or college?
do you have student card or something like that?
of course i did!
then he asked me to show him because i can get student price with student card.
at fisrt, the entrance fees for adults with MyKad is RM28,
and children with MyKid is RM22,
you know what?
for student like me with student card,
the entrance fees is only RM20!
even cheaper than the children!
i've saved up RM8 for my bii.
you see, how good is it to be a student! XD

okay, stop the craps.
and now, the pictures will show you everthing...

these are the sand from different marine parks in malaysia...

these are the baby of shark...

Oopsss! the shark is coming!!!

the stupid turtle was biting the christmas tree.. >.<

idk what type of fish is this,
i just call it as leng lui fish because it looks like with make up on her face...



pictures below were taken at the souvenier shop...

Bye Bye!!!

after the aquaria, we went the PC fair.
then, my bii and i left KLCC and headed to eat lunch.
as i've promised my bii to treat him eat korean foods,
we have chosen the Nak Won Korea BBQ restaurant which located at Danau Desa.

all the side dishes...

the waiter was helping us to BBQ the pork and chicken...

3 ply pork... (RM 23)

marinated chicken... (RM 28)

Korean mixed rice... (RM 15)

Seafood Pancake... (RM 25)

everything are tasteless without dipping the chili sauce.
so, i don't think i will pay a second visit to any korean restaurant again. >.<

Wednesday, December 9, 2009
9 December 2009

Im online-ing at the cyber cafe in hostel...
I was reading someone's blog and realised
that person's english is quite good though.
(was wondering why i can't write out such a good english?)

wanted to update my blog about the outing
to Aquaria KLCC on last sunday,
but not enough time for me to upload the pic here
as i have to pay more. =(
CC is expensive.
nevermind, will update again 2 days later
when i back to my home. XD
stay tuned!

Thursday, December 3, 2009
29 November 2009

that was a tiring day for me.
woke up around 7.30am to prepare everything and wake up my bii after i've done.
i was late as i should reached gombak toll at 9am,
but i only reached wangsa lrt station at 9am.
after picked up lin xin and her friend-siau lung,
met up with april and her bf at gombak toll and started out journey to bentong!

reached bentong around 10am,
and we had our breakfastat the curry mee stall which nearby my grandma's house.
after finished our breakfast,
we went to my grandma's house for a while just to drop my aunty something.
after that, we went Kow Pow Cafe to eat ice kacang,
then we left and headed to berjaya's hill!

we first visited to the japanese tea house and the the french village.
lets the picture do the talking...

left berjaya's hill at 2pm and then rushed back to bath and prepare for the SBS Prom Night.
reached Genting Klang around 3pm,
only left 2 hours time for us to prepare.
its quite rush i can say.

but, i could make myself done on time! XD
i was the earliest to reach the venue.
while waiting for them,
me and my bii both did some camwhore in the car. ^^

entered the hall when everyone were reached.
the function was extremely BAD!
activities were sucks,
foods were sucks!
few hundreds people queue up to get the foods,
and when it was my friends' turn to get the foods,
they told them the foods were finished already,
asked them to wait for 1+ hours for second round!
after queued up for so long then only tell people no more foods already and have to wait for another 1+ hours.
how dare are they to charged us RM20 per person.
they even claimed that this year will be much more better than lst year one. SWT~

so, me and some of my friends did not enjoy any of their activities and foods at that night.
half way of the party,
we went for McDonald's for our dinner. XD
i felt more satisfied when i was eating RM10 set of McD,
rather than the RM20 for the SBS night.
after the dinner,
we went back to the party and started taking photo. ^^

the party should be end at 10pm,
but then me and my bii left earlier because it was too boring,
and we were very tired already.

so, that was my day which full with laughter. XD

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