Sunday, January 31, 2010
31 January 2010

will be meeting them in approximately 9 hours time at titiwangsa.
then, we'll be taking bus up to genting. XD
Happy! Happy! and Happy! lol
this is not the first time i'm going to genting.
however, still feel very excited.
just laugh me if you want to do so. hahahahaha

Thursday, January 28, 2010
New Blog Skins

after 2 hours of editing,
i've finally done with the new and simple blog skin.
i'm almost faint due to the complicated html codes.
it's really killing me as a beginner to edit blog skin with html codes.
anyway, i'll learn more and edit something nicer in the future. ;)

Monday, January 25, 2010
Happy Holiday!!!

Finally done with my final exam.
time to plan for my holiday already. ;)
next week will be going to genting with college friends,
a 2 days 1 night trip.
Im so exciting,
dont know how will the trip be,
because this is the first time i go trip with them.

plan to go shopping for chinese new year,
but my fatboy went johor already. :(
i did enjoy shopping alone last time,
but NOT now.
feel so lazy to go out alone.
anyone wanna go shopping with me?
i need a sling bag, a pair of jeans, shorts and few tops.
thats all what i want!
but dont know why,
last week went 1U cant find any nice one. :(

chinese new year is just around the corner,
everyone are busy with shopping, home decoration and cleaning the house as well.
i hate house cleaning.
so tiring and the dust make my nose feel bad.
i will be staying at kl from the first day of CNY till the third day only.
the forth day onwards i'll be leaving Malaysia and fly to Taiwan.
Hooray! am so excited now!
start to prepare the things need to bring over there already.
parents are looking for a good deal of currency changing,
and im searching for a nice sweater.
the weather of taiwan during february is about 15-19 degrees celcius.
its even colder than genting,
so i really need a thick sweater or else i'll become ice stick.

Taiwan, I'M COMING!! hahahahahaha

Thursday, January 7, 2010

the beginning of year 2010.
I slept till 1 o'clock because, ya, you should know. ;)
and my bii was even late than me, around 3pm i think.
we had wasted half of the day.
who to blame?
the stupid jam in genting!

we didn't know where to go,
so just hang around at sunway pyramid.
had our breakfast + lunch + dinner at Pasta Zanmai.
my first time visiting there.
the environment very nice.
especially the lighting,
nice for photo taking.
for sure, it was the time for me to test on my cybershot. Teehee =)

Strawberry Crepe

Ebi to Ika no Soup Pasta (Prawn & Squid Soup Pasta)

Chicken Katsu no Sause Pasta (Fried Chicken Cutlet Meat Sauce Pasta)

Veggie Salad

i can conclude that the spaghetti is very tasty,
and we were very full after finished the whole plate/bowl of it.
after the foodssss,
we went for the night park at sunway lagoon.
nearly hundred people were queueing outside the entrance.
why so many people huh?
because it is free entrance or something special inside?
both of us were so exciting to find out what's the reason.
ended up with disappointment again.
many areas has been closed and just left the area nearby the entrance was opened.
just took some photos and left.

that was my first day in year 2010.
Happy 2010!!!

New Year Eve

Near year eve should be a joyful, romantic and exciting night for couples or friends to celebrate together.
however, the new year eve for 2010 was miserable for me.

at first, bii's friend asked us to go for clubbing.
but due to some reason,
the plan was canceled.
so, bii brought me to genting to see fireworks.

we departed from my house around 9pm.
everything went smooth until we passed the temple located halfway of the hill.
it started to jam,
i mean jam like HELL!
the cars couldn't move for more than 15 minutes.
many cars broke down and parked at the road side,
and some parked there to have a break.
there suppose to have 7 lanes for the cars to move on,
ended up, left 2 lanes and the other lanes were parked with carsssssssssssssss.
thousands of cars over there.
i'm not kidding.
i got to know from my friend the other day,
there were 80K people gathered in genting.
80K, can you imagine how crowded is it?

we stopped at the roadside around 11.20pm,
can't see any fireworks because of the stupid hill was blocking our view.
we just rest in the car and watched the smoke came out from other carssssss.
guess what,
the jam last for few hours long.
we wait till 3am the jam was still same.
so, we forced to move.
we used an hour to reached genting from the temple there.
once we reached,
we straight away went down again.
i mean go back,
not even get down from the car to have some fresh breath,
because both of us very DULAN already!
and i only managed to reached home at 6am.
9 hours to genting, break my record already.

So, I've learnt a lesson after experienced the second time of the super duper jam in genting.
i will NEVER go genting again when there is some special occasion.

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