Monday, April 27, 2009
28 April 2009

Finally, I'm here to update my blog. I was busy with my final exam for the past 2 weeks. Let's refresh what I've done for this long period.

One week before exam:
Everyone were busy-ing to attend lecture classes just to get exam TIPS! *laugh* However, we get ourselves to relax a bit on Tuesday. Why not Wednesday? Thursday? or Friday? Well, 14th was Lin Xi's birthday and we got class till 2pm only. So, almost whole class went to House Cafe located at Genting Klang. The environment there is just ok. The foods, not I want to praise myself, but, honestly, my cooking will be better. *XD* We take the chance to celebrate April and Edmond's birthday also because their birthday are during exam period and sem break.

*The Birthday Cake*

*Edmond*April*Lin Xi*

*April*Me*Loong*Li Tin*


We were playing games there and the whole cafe was full of our laughter. So noisy. *laugh* Celebration ended around 5pm.

The following Monday is the first paper, I'm sure if I go home on this weekend, 3/4 of my time must be wasted to online, watch TV and so on. So, I decided to stay over at bii's house because he will always asks me to study if not sure get 2 eggs back. *swt* The whole weekend was filled with books. Especially the Fundamentals of Selling's text book. 17 chapters. Just T'nGo. *laugh*

First day of exam (20/4) :

Woke up at 8am to memorise the points that given by lecturer as she said those will be coming out in the exam. No choice, just believe her since i can't put everything into my brain also. Exam start at 2pm. My mouth was smiling when i flip through the exam paper. *laugh* What I've memorised were in the exam paper. So, I just tried my best to write out everything that were stucked inside my brain. *winks* Exam finished. Started to feel headache. It's the side effect of trying hard to memorise thing I think.

Second day of exam (22/4) :

Business Organization paper. Not much tips given. Just try to predict what will be coming out and memorise it. Luckily what I memorised did come out. Exam finished and feel headache again. *@.@*

Third day of exam (25/4) :

Organizational Behaviour. OMG! A lot of things to memorise. I thought this is the easier paper because it's mainly about psychology. I woke up at 7.30am and started to memorise the points around 8 something. I was fed up at 11.30am. I can't put anything in to my brain anymore. Relax myself by opened up my laptop, turned it on and watch drama. *laugh* No worries. While watching drama I got refresh my brain one. At last I could answer all the questions also. *smile* Wait daddy come to pick me up and go home after exam. Reached home around 7pm. After bathed, went to the next door for dinner because the Aunty's daughter getting married so they have a buffet dinner at their house day before the wedding dinner.

*To killed my boredom while I was doing revision*

Sunday (26/4) :

Daddy & Mummy accompanied my sister to meet her clients at PJ. So as usual, I go out with my bii. Didn't go anywhere. Just went his house again and spent the day there to watch drama. Suddenly feel like wanna eat the new Buttermilk bread by Rotiboy. So, we decided to go Alamanda, Putrajaya to get the bread. *smile* After we bought 5 buttermilk bread from Rotiboy, we went to find a garden to lepak. (There are many taman-taman in Putrajaya with different views and functions) At last, we dropped at Taman Botani. There got a seafood restaurant and a very big lake in the middle for boating.



*Bii was trying hard to open up the door >.<"*

*Hut in the garden*

*Leng Lui??*

*OMG! @.@*

*The couple*

*Love this most ^^*

Sunday, April 12, 2009
13 April 2009

Yesterday, Bii and I were planned to go Putrajaya for bicycle ride in the evening. I've been asked my bii to bring me for a bicycle ride long long time ago and this time he finally agreed to bring me go Putrajaya since there's a renting bicycle service. However, it started to rain around 3 something! What i can do is just pray in my mind, hope that the rain will be stop in 2 hours time. I was not in a luck maybe. The rain never stopped though the day turned into dark. Plan was forced to cancel. *cry*
Around 6 something, we went Serdang for dinner. There's a hawker beside the road which sell claypot chicken rice and zhu geok chou one. The claypot chicken rice is just ok, but, the zhu geok chou damn tasty le. The zhu geok chou cost RM7.50 per pot and for the claypot chicken rice, i can't really remember how much is it, but it's cheap.
While we were waiting for the foods to come, bii's friend-ah kun called him. He said he wanna go Ipoh to have a look at the wira turbo. My bii just agreed with it because the wira really looks nice in the website. After ah kun deal with the owner of the wira and called his other friends to go along, a confirmation sms received from him that we must reach his house at 8pm.
We depart from ah kun's house around 8.30pm. Went wei zai's house to pick up him and ah lun then the journey to Ipoh started. With the speed of 160km/h, we reached Ipoh at 11pm. Should be earlier one, but it was raining heavily. A red wira turbo. I don't know much about cars. But, the wira really looks nice. The owner migrated to Australia already one. The purpose he come back this time is to sell the car. The wira is just new painted with chili red colour *cool*, and it doesn't looks like a 15 years car at all. Most important is, it is only cost RM18,000.
After my bii gave his opinion, ah kun paid a deposit to the owner to book the car. If there's smooth with everything, they will go Ipoh on this Wednesday again to drive back the car. *laugh* After that, we headed to the nearest mamak stall to yum cha first before head back to KL.
With the speed of 160km/h again. We finally reached KL at 2am. 6 hours trip to Ipoh. *laughing* 5 hours were in the car and another 1 hour for meet wif the car owner, yum cha, toilet and smoke. *swt*

Thursday, April 2, 2009
2 April 2009

Second presentation - FOS. Didn't prepare well for it. Just get to know what to present in the morning. (they already sent the slide to me last night around 10 something but i was in hostel already and its quite late so did'nt go CC online). A must for me to mention about our senior presentation. According to his group member - Eric, our smart senior didn't know what to present before his turn to present, only last minute asked him go out and talk one. However, he got the highest mark compared with his other group member. *swt* Bravo!!! *laugh*

*DMK 4*

*Notice Eric's expression*


Celebrated Kah Wai's birthday at KFC, Jusco. (not april fool, ok! *laugh*)


Skipped FOS lecture class to go Sg. Wang sing k. *swt* There are 13 of us-me, lilian, hui shyan, yee soo, xiao ying, yue peng, tuck sen, kent yi, eric, chin chea, chee seng, hien zai, jie chou.

*Party room*

*Yue Peng*April*

*Me*Yue Peng*

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