Saturday, May 30, 2009
30 May 2009

New semester started for a week already.
This is my second year of Diploma.
The exam results for sem 3 in year 1 is released on the Wednesday.
I would say,
I got all A's!!!
As my bii promised me will give me RM50 for an A,
so i got RM150 from my bii. *XD*
Will save up the money for our travel use during my birthday. *winks*
Back to the results.
As many of you know,
CGPA <2.00 or failed subject >5 cannot proceed to second year.
So, what I heard from my friend,
There may be 2 of my classmates who could not proceed to second year. *sad*
This sem has got 6 subjects.
Overall I think still ok.
More Marketing subjects.
Will study hard and try my best not to fail any of it.
My target : Graduate with MERIT!!! *laugh*

Saturday, May 23, 2009
23 May 2009


Tonight BBQ @ Port Dickson !!!

24th of May was Ah Kun's birthday.
They last minute planned to have BBQ party at Port Dickson.
There were 8 of us,
Ah Kun and his wife, Qun Qun,
Wei Zai, Ah Lun, Xiao Kun, Ah Kent,
and of course my bii and I. *winks*
We started our journey to PD around 11.30pm.
Reached PD and successfully found the place that can BBQ,
it was already 1am.
Get all the foods out from the car,
when everything were almost done,
'blow cake time'!! *laugh*

*The birthday boy*

*The foods*


Was planned to rent a chalet or apartment to stay overnight at there.
However, when we finished everything,
it was 4 in the morning already.
we choose to head back home.
Left there around 4.30am,
and reached home around 5.30am.

Thursday, May 14, 2009
15 May 2009

for sem 3
will be release
on 27th of May!!!

Monday, May 11, 2009
12 May 2009

Mommy's Day!!!
No travel.
No Malacca.
Stayed at home to accompany mommy.
Since all the restaurants out there must be crowded,
At night,
we got steamboat @ home.
Bii joined us for the steamboat also.
His mommy want to go church so postpone the celebration.
After the dinner,
bii and I went The Mines.
Just walked around there, nothing to buy.
And, i ate a bowl of Asam Laksa there.
After that,
bought half dozen of BIG APPLE donuts.
I've got the coupon,
so will get another 3 pieces for free.
Bii, my sister and I,
each of us ate 3 pieces. *winks*
I'm gonna be FATTY!

Saturday, May 9, 2009
9 May 2009

Wesak Day!!!

Woke up by daddy early in the morning. *tired*
Bii have to work so go out with daddy and mommy today.
It has been a long time I didn't go shopping with them on Sunday or Public Holiday already.
I used to go shopping with them every Sunday.
However, I did not do that again once I got BF. *BAD*
Went Ampang to eat Yong Tau-Fu.

*Yong Tau-Fu-sss*

Then, go OCBC bank for some updates on the account saving books.
Later than that, went Jaya Jusco, Maluri to shop.
Long time never been there already.
Tried a pair of high heels in Vincci.
About 4 inches high if I'm not mistaken.
Very nice.
My legs looks longer and nicer after wearing it. *winks*
But, when i think deep down in my mind, how many times I will be wearing it after i bought it back home?
Better put it back to the rack. *>.<*
Super market time!
Grabbed a lot of things to bring it back to my hostel. *winks*
Junk foods, Maggie cup, Biscuits, Toilet roll *swt* , etc...
Headed back home around 4pm.
It is nice to have a C-O-C-O-N-U-T during this HOT-like-SHIT weather.

Friday, May 8, 2009
8 May 2009


Wednesday, May 6, 2009
7 May 2009

I want to go PENANG!!!
I want to go MALACCA!!!
Mommy said this Sunday going MALACCA maybe. Hope it will on. *pray*

6 May 2009

1/5 - On the way back from grandma's home
Mommy : Long time didn't go Genting already hor?
Daddy : Ya lo. Want to go or not?
Mommy : Go la.
Daddy : This Sunday go lo.
Me : Really?

The next day
Me : Mi, confirm going Genting tomorrow?
Mommy : You ask daddy la. Scare later traffic jam only.
Me : Go earlier and back earlier lo.
Mommy : You ask daddy first. He says ok then ok la.
Me : Oh!

Me : Di, tomorrow going Genting?
Daddy : Ya.
Mommy : We all go in casino, what you do at outside?
Me : I ask bii go along then he accompany me la. He don't want go in casino also de.
Mommy : Okay!
Me : *smile*

After bii reached my home, we went for breakfast together. Then, our family day started. *smile* We arrived at Genting around 10.30am. Shopping, photo taking, lepak-ing are what we did there. Daddy, Mommy and my sister went into the casino. So, bii and I brought Pei Wen to arcade. When Daddy they all came out from casino, it's already 2 something.

*The Family ^^*

To avoid stuck in the traffic jam later in night, we left Genting and headed to Kepong for our lunch. The restaurant called Chicken Hot Pot. It's a cuisine from Sze Chuan, China. Chili chicken/lamb/pork/seafoods served with claypot. It can add soup after you have finished the meat to served as steamboat also. There are many vegetables, fish balls and other balls placed in different basket to choose as your steamboat ingredients. The price of the ingredients are according to the colour of the basket.

*The Beef Pot*

*The Pork Pot*

*The Chicken Pot*

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