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Marketing Assistant

Yoong Onn Corporation Berhad is a leading integrated designer, manufacturer, distributor and retailer of home linen and bedding accessories in the region.
Backed by over four decades of experience, Yoong Onn has 14 brands of home linen for premium to mid-range consumers to date. Indeed, the success stories of well-established brands include Novelle, Jean Perry, Louis Casa, Genova, Diana, and Cotonsoft.
With the integrated operations, strong expertise, and multiple distribution channels including the “Home’s Harmony” and “Home’s Warehouse” retail outlets, the brands have become household names not only in Malaysia but also the region.

There are four companies under Yoong Onn Corporation Berhad included Sleep Focus Sdn Bhd which do the designing and manufacturing for Yoong Onn group, Syarikat Yoong Onn Sdn Bhd which principally engaged in distribution, trading and institutional supply of home linen and homeware, Elegant Total Home Sdn Bhd which principally engaged in distribution and trading of home linen and homeware, particularly floor coverings and ready-made curtains and Monsieur (M) Sdn Bhd which principally involved in retailing of home linen and homeware. It has 12 fully-owned retail outlet operates under the “Home’s Harmony” brand name and 1 other fully-owned retail outlet is under the “Home’s Warehouse” brand name.

I'm currently working for Monsieur (M) Sdn Bhd as Marketing Assistant.
It has been a week i worked there and i met lots of new faces.
I have to try my best to get used with the new environment now.
the working environment is so different with environment we used to have during college time.
we only feel stresses for exams or assignments in college.
however, stresses will always "find" you when you are under the working environment.
everything have to be done efficiently and effectively all the time.
we, marketing students always saw these two words in the text,
and i'm eventually "meet" with them in my working life now.

Honestly speaking,
i felt bored on the first day of working because I was doing the financial report for the whole day.
as you all know, i hate accounts deep into the sea.
but, i was appointed to assist my boss to finish the financial report due to the financial year end is around the corner.

However, things started to have some changes on the second day of work.
I got the chance to assist my boss in doing some marketing planning and some schedule planning for the installation of curtain track for the customer.
(fyi, our company do sell custom made curtain and provided with the installation services)
so, these are the main job scope of my position.
what my boss need to do, then i need to do also since i'm assisting her.

Within the week,
I "met" lots of things that I only used to know/learn it in the text during the years I'm studying marketing course.
Pricing strategies, advertising and promotioning strategies, media plan, positioning, etc.
I really happy and enjoy with the job i'm doing now because what I've learned is not wasted.
before i enrolled into marketing course,
i've been thinking what course to take for a long time.
I don't want later the job I apply wasn't what I've studied.
it's a wasting of time for studying so long for a certain things but in the end you're not working with it.

The office is under renovation now,
my place will be changing after the renovation is done,
and i'm currently in the same room with my boss, general manager and 2 marketing executives.
no picture to show you guys how's my working environment,
will only do that after i've changed my place. =)

The end story of my sharing.
Thanks for reading. XD

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