Saturday, July 11, 2009
11 July 2009

Due to my laziness,
I've abandoned my blog for nearly one and a half months.
here are some update for it.

8 July 2009

Class ended at 12pm.
There were 12 DMK4 members went to Pizza Hut for a same reason.
Celebrate Loong's birthday!!!

April, Lin Xi and I went to buy birthday cake.
And we bought a red birthday hat for Loong also. *hehe*
Chit-chat, eat, photo taking...
From 12-7pm.
Yee Soo, LiLian, Wei Wei, Li Tin, Li Jin, Loong and I.
7 of us sat there for 7 hours++.
From Lunch to dinner.
We've break our record.

Nothing much to talk about the conversation we had for the 7 hours ++.
Just let the pictures do the talking for the day. *winks*

*The birthday girl and her Prince??*

*Loong*Li Tin*April*Me*

28 June 2009

Half day trip to Malacca!!!
Started the journey at 3pm.
Reached there at 4.03pm.
From Kajang to Malacca used only an hour.
With the speed of 180km/h.
When we reached there,
the Uncle Sun was so bright.
We forced to shop around at the Dataran Pahlawan first.

Walked around to look for some nice dress and tops.
MNG was having sales up to 70%.
Walked in.
The clothes there were a bit outdated compare with KL one.
So, came out with empty hand.

Walk, walk, walk...
It was already 6pm.
Went out to the PORTA DE SANTIAGO for some photo shooting.

*The Uncle suddenly appeared at the back*swt*

Climbed up to the top there. *tired*

After that went to Newton food court for dinner.
The foods there NOT NICE one!!!!

Went to Jonker Street to look for the ABC ice.
But then the stall only open for afternoon.
Too bad.
And we saw a stall selling puppy.
So cute the little puppy!!!
Wanted to bring it back.
But it cost RM980.
Too expensive for me.

Later the night,
we headed to Eye On Malaysia.
I wonder why there're still a lot of people want to ride it?
Paid RM15 for a ride just to look for the sea of Malacca???
I don't know.
Left Malacca around 9 something.
The trip to Malacca ended.

26 June 2009

You better watch out
You better not cry
Better not pout
I'm telling you why
Twins are coming to town!!!
Received a sms from vye khee which says that they came back to KL already.
Asks us whether free to go out for a drink on the next day.
Of course!!!
Time: 3pm
Venue: Wong Kok Char Chan Teng @ Leisure Mall
I was the first reached there.
Then Yi Shan.
Followed by Twins and lastly was Carmen.
Oh ya!
The TVB actors were at Leisure Mall for some promotion purpose.
Due to this,
the traffic around Leisure Mall was sooooo JAM.
I saw Moses Chan, Tham Xiu Wan, Wong Zu Lam and Lai Yiu Cheong.
5 of us chit chat at Wong Kok for few hours.
Suppose to leave around 6pm.
But, we decided to go for next round.
Dinner time!!!
Steamboat @ Yulek again.
Almost everytime we gather also steambat at there.
I just dono why???
Eat, eat, eat...
Talk, talk, talk...
From primary school to secondary to college.
We just talk like no body business there.
9 something, when we finished everything on the table.
We still feel not enough. *omg*
Next round again at the ABC mamak stall outside my house.
Chilled at there for 1 hour ++.
All of us have to go home already.
We are cinderelli. *haha*
And it was time to wave bye bye to TWINS!!!

*Group Photo*

*Weng*Vye Khee*Jia Khee*Shan*


Friday, July 10, 2009
20 June 2009

Daddy's Day!!!
As you all know, Father's Day is on the 3rd Sunday in the month of June.
Suppose to celebrate it on Sunday.
we choose to celebrate it on Saturday night.
Because all the restaurant must be crowded on the next day.
This year,
my turn to be the sponsorship,
to treat my family eat.
We decided to eat Vietnam Cuisine.

~Vietnam Little Kitchen @ Leisure Mall~
Foods not bad.
Let's the pictures show you how delicious.
*Dono what fish*


*Sesame Chicken*

*Dono what pork*

*Pineapple Prawn*

3 June 2009

Celebrated LiLian & Wai Hong's birthday at KFC.

*We wish you a Happy Birthday*

*Lian & Wai Hong*

*muakss~~ sWeeT*

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