Thursday, August 12, 2010
Broga Hill

This is an overdue post.
these few weeks were too busy with warehouse sales organised by Aerofoam @ Batu Caves and our own company @ Nilai.
it was tiring yet fun because it can make us (colleagues) closer and i can know more about our products and of course, i can earn some extra money. =)

ok, lets back to the topic.
i went Broga hill with the bunch of friends last 2 weeks.
i was cheated by my friend which telling me it's very easy to climb up to the hill just like walking on the staircases and doesn't matter even if we did not bring torchlight.

however, i was "fainted" when we were just reached the first peak.
all of us fed up at the first peak,
it was our first time there and it definitely will be our last time!
it was so torturous for me to climb up to and down from the hill.

let's enjoy the pictures taken up in the "air" XD 

*it was so cold*

where is the picture of sunrise?
we didn't manage to watch the sunrise.
we waited till 7.30am but uncle sun still not yet come out so we thought he won't be coming out anymore.
however, on the half way we were down to the hill,
we saw uncle sun started to "walk" out already.
what i can say is we got no fate with the sun.

left broga hill around 8.30am and headed to Sek Na Duk, the temple.

headed to eat the famous broga baked fish nearby the temple.
and it made a fun and exciting weekend of mine. =)
the fish just so so only.

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