Friday, March 26, 2010
Shan's 20th birthday

I hope i'm not the latest one to blog about this. lol

we had the birthday celebration on last satuday at Din Tai Fung Taiwanese Restaurant, Pavilion.
the people involved are Yi Shan, Carmen, Queenie and me! XD
it's a restaurant serving the taiwanese specialties like Xiao Long Bao and Jiao Zi.
we ordered the dumplings that come with a combo which included 6pcs of original dumpling and crab meat dumpling.
we also ordered a prawn dumplings, a plate of spicy jelly fish and prawn fried rice.

Xiao Long Bao

Crab Meat Dumplings

Prawn Dumplings

Prawn Fried Rice

Spicy Jelly Fish

the dumplings tasted so so only because the skin got a bit dry and the prawn fried rice was tasteless.
(i don't know is it my taste bud problem or what)
oh ya! the last two desserts that we ordered were really sucks!
one is mango pudding and another one is ginkgo yam paste,
the mango pudding tasted like the yoghurt after being refrigerated and the ginkgo yam paste was too sweet
overall, the dumplings and desserts i ate in Taiwan were much better and cheaper than here.

as usual,
birthday celebration is just a gathering for us to talk about our recent life and problems.
we sat there for more or less, 2 hours,
then left to shopping around.
went into forever21, cotton-on, niichi and zara,
but came out with empty hands.
i've tried a romper in forever21, it is just RM59.
i'm thinking should i go back to buy it? 

after tired of walking around,
we chose Snow Flakes to have a rest with 1 or 2 bowls of cold desserts.
snow flakes are originated from Taiwan too.
it's famous dessert is yam and sweet potato taro balls.

chilled at there for another 1 or 2 hours then walked around in Pavilion again to wait for Shan's someone come over to pick her up.
however, we ended up going back by taking LRT together.
the outing ended around 6pm and waiting for the next outings with them. =)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Oh my god!
after reading the shout out posted by april,
DMK4 dudes n babes, lets full use of our remaining time - 1mth, i'm gonna miss u all badly =(
i felt like crying out loudly!
we left approximately 1 month to be together before graduate,
however, we only able meet each others for less than a week time.

i don't know how will us be after graduation,
some might leaving KL and go back to their hometown;
some might further their study at somewhere else;
some might be working at don't know where.
it's hardly for us to gather again to joke, play and laugh together.

it has been 2 years time we stick together with each another during classes or some outings.
i really miss the time being together with them so much.
i miss the time we used to gossip, fool around, play sports, jokes, laugh together, being stupid in front of others, and before exam, we always thought how to cheat instead of fully use the time to study more. XD
although there were some incidents happened among some of us,
but still we went through the problems together and there we are!
we are still DMK4! =D

i never had the feelings like what i'm having now during my previous graduations.
don't ask me why...
perhaps i know i still can meet up with them easily by asking them out since we live near to each other.
but the situation now is so different,
only few of us are local and others are all from other states.
even if those local one also very far. (i mean me, myself is far far away from them)
how? how? how? =(

i don't know...

Thursday, March 11, 2010

This post is mainly about my own feeling and also opinions.
I've just read a post from somebody's blog,
it's about how 'ugly' was the lady sit in the LRT.

the not-so-respect-people's blogger had captured down the sitting pose of the lady in LRT.
and the blogger uploaded the photo into blog also,
but 'luckily' the photo was censored,
the blogger claimed that the lady do have a fair and smooth face,
however, the blogger said:
'the lady's face would make people puke!'
and this is the reason caused the blogger to censored the face.

i don't know how you guys feel when reading through a post with a photo somemore just to laugh at the lady and sounded ironic too.
but for me, i feel like punching the blogger.
and what's make me feel more anger was the last 2 sentences the blogger wrote:
"who says fair and smooth faced girl are pretty? let me prove you wrong."

let me clarify here why am i so angry after reading this is because the blogger is quite dark or more than that, and i think the blogger do not have a really smooth face as well.
so what the blogger wrote makes me feel that he/she's telling others he/she do have a good looking even if he/she do not have a fair and smooth face like people do.
perhaps she did because there're lots of fans of the blogger praised him/her handsome/pretty in the chatbox.
but for me, and some of my friends will never and ever think like that!

well, the main point i wanna say here is, please learn to respect people!
i know it's just a stranger, but, the words really hurt.
you want to post something which makes you laugh for a day or whatsoever,
just do it, but, there's no point for you to capture people's photo and post it out too.
if that is your friend, for sure, you can do it if your friend do not mind.

blog is a very public place,
people can easily search for it through search engines.
we will never know if the one we discuss in the post will see it.
i've experienced this,
and i know the consequnces of doing this.
even if you wanted to write or express something about someone,
please do not list the name out or upload the photo of the someone.
this is a kind respect and also privacy of people.

that's all for it.
if the blogger read this post,
i'm gonna say nothing to you because you did not respect people,
so why do i need to respect you in return?

Saturday, March 6, 2010
Hong Kong? Singapore?

where to go for the coming christmas?
ya, i know cny just finished not long ago, but,
its time to plan now as the air tickets will be more expensive as the day goes on.

Hong Kong or Singapore better?
Air ticket + Hotel for 3D2N for...
Hong Kong = RM1059/person
Singapore = RM 899/person

which one better huh???

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