Friday, April 30, 2010

Exam was finished few days ago.
and i had a job interview 2 days ago at Taman Connaught.
they advertised the vacancies of advertising trainee and event crew in China Press Newspaper,
perhaps they did advertise in other newspaper too.

so, im so into the advertising field and i would just give it a try by calling them to make an appointment for interview session.
and everything went smooth, 2.30pm interview on that day with the two companion, Carmen and Yi Shan.
both them were waiting me at oldtown which is just downstair of the advertising company located at.

knocked the door of the manager's room,
sit down after greated him and the interview started.
he explained to me the differences of above-the-line advertising and also below-the-line advertising.
which their company is doing the below-the-line one.
the company is from Singapore and few branches over the seas and within Malaysia too.
wow! sounded great isn't it?
a big company that provided a lot of chances for career advancement.
yeah! that was my first impression after hearing what he said.

that was my fisrt interview,
the manager asked me to come over his office on the next day to join their orientation,
and there will be a second interview after the orientation to ask me what did i learn for the whole day,
after that only decide whether hire me or not.
i asked myself, why not i give it a try?
since it's the advertising related job i wanted so badly.
so, after getting the permission from my parents and my bf,
yesterday i went the orientation with the trainer.
and it's really pissed me off!

the manager asked me to meet at the office at 9.15am.
so, in case there will have a serious traffic jam,
i get out from my house an hour earlier and was planned to had McD breakfast if i'm there too early.
when i'm on the way heading to the office,
the clerk called me and ask whether i'm on the way because the manager want to go out already.
then i looked at the clock, it was just 8.30am and i told her i'll be reaching in 10 minutes time.
reached there, find parking and parked my car then went up to the office.
the clerk asked me to wait because the manager went out already.
okay! i just wait then because i thought he'll be coming back at 9.15am.
so, sat there and read some magazines.
wait, wait, and wait!
it was already an hour of waiting him to come back!
fuck your ass!
when he reached, he never apologize to me and straight away asked me to follow the trainer for the orientation.
and once again, i thought i will be following the trainer's car out for orientation since the manager told me during the interview that trainee no need to drive out and just follow the trainer.
however, when me and the trainer were walking down the stairs, the trainer asked me whether i drive here and she wants me to drive them to Kota Damansara because her car is in the workshop.
i should have reject it but don't know why i passed her the key and let her drive.
call me bastard!

when we were on the way to Kota Damansara,
i kept asking what we will do next?
what kind of project is it?
but the same answer from them which were "you'll know later when we reach there and i'll explain further to you about the project"
so the curiousity kept in my mind until...............

we finished our brunch and they took out a file, each of them have one,
and i thought the file is about the projuct information.
and what the hell when i opened up the file,
it was all the Spastic Children Assosiation brouchers,
and what they are trying is to do the so-called create publicity for the SCA so that the children will get more concern from the public by asking them to donate just like what we usually will met in the restaurants or food courts, the sticky like glues, so-called volunteers keep on chasing us, ask us to do donation.
i was like, i've been fooling for the whole morning so stupidly, drive my car, waste my petrol, waste my time to do this shit thing.

my bf said i should leave them there and drive my car back home since the car is mine.
but the idiot me don't know the roads heading back home and scare to leave them there,
so i chose to stay with them for the whole day, walked around the shop lots in Kota Damansara to observe how's the trainer do.
walked under the sunlight and rain for the whole afternoon.
thinking back now really feels like slapping myself for been so stupid and idiot!
oh ya! there was a lady asking my trainer is it volunteer one or being paid by the company so then only have the heart to do such charity work for the children.
and she answered "no! we're volunteer without paying any salaries!"
i was wonder what's in her mind when she answer like that?
will she feel guilty to the chilren or this is what the company wants them do say?
around 6.30pm, back to their bangsar office for second interview.
i was talking craps throughout the interview because i'm gave up to this job.
but at the end, i was still being hired by them.

throughout the whole interview,
the manager told me their goals is to create pubicity for the association,
we're not like those sales person,
they have to fight for their sales target.
if we can't get donation from the public to help them,
it's ok, nevermind, at least we've told them there's these children living in the world and really needs help from us to improve their daily life ability.
however, i felt differently when i heard what she's talking to me.
durind the orientation, the trainer and another two assistant trainers were keep on complaining they still can't the desired or expected amount of donation, then the manager sure will ask them why the donation is so little.
they kept on repeating the same thing when the time was nearer and nearer for going back to office.
is it what the manager said "not like the sales person, have to fight for the sales target"?
and one more thing was, they have the incentive bonus for the month.
which is if they collected the donation up to RM7500, they will be given a RM200 bonus and if RM10500, will be given RM600 bonus.
i felt like slapping the manager,
because since you have such an incentive bonus,
it has already become the sales target for them to fight for!
no one will treat money as their enemy,
so for sure, they will try their best to fight for the highest and get more bonus every months.

many people including myself are not sure whether the donation will reach to the association or taken by the so-called volunteer and is the volunteer authorised by the association the collect the donation,
so the manager told me they purposely, see clearly, is THEY, not the association set up a counter to pick up the phone call from the public to verify if the one collect donation from them is authorised by the association.
since the counter is set up by the company itself, so we will never know the the company's employees are authorised by the association an d the collected donation will reach to the association or it's just a fraud cases.

so people,
if you really want to share your kindness to the children or any other association,
i'll advise you to donate directly to the association itself.
althought it's a bit troublesome to go to the associations,
but this is to ensure the one who needs our help can really get the donations.

Monday, April 12, 2010
Nobody loves you more than I do

Him: When I see you cry, I feel heartache.
Me: When I heard this, I feel sweet. =^o^=

P/S: according to him, today's his birthday. noticed the date, it's 12 of april, 1204. lol (His birthday is on the 4th of December.)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010
♥ My Baby ♥

Oh yeah baby!
I've finally got myself a car! ;)
my wish has been accomplished before the age of 22.
a big big thanks to my Daddy and also my Beloved Fatty Boy!
muakss muakss =^o^=

the fisrt installment will be around the mid of May,
and i will have to pay it by myself.
so, i'm urgently need a job once i finished my finals on 27 april.
anyone can intro some jobs to me?
those related with advertising or marketing one.
it is welcome if there's any part-time jobs too.
as long as i can get the money for first installment. =)



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