Thursday, February 25, 2010
Taiwan Trip

There's too many things to write for the trip,
but, im too lazy to write it out. LOL
whoever interested to the trip,
click the link below to view the photos from day 1 to day 7.

Nothing much to buy over there because they're still selling winter clothes.
and I just bought these. =) <3

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Okay, let's talk about the trip to genting few days ago.
i'll just cut it short since Lin Xi and April had been post about the route for our trip in their blog respectively.

so, i was woke up early in the morning around 8 plus to get myself prepared and left to titiwangsa meet them and take bus up to genting at 9.30am.
reached genting at approximately 11am.
first thing to do was checked-in to hotel.
this was my first time staying Theme Park Hotel.
overall the room was ok,
only one thing to complain about is its too far and tiring to walk all the way down to first world plaza.

after rest a while in the hotel room,
we headed to theme park and we had fun there.

left theme park around 4 or 5pm then headed back to hotel room.
rest and bathed then went for dinner at PizzaHut,
Lilian and Tuck Sen were tagged along with us.
after dinner, walked around at first world plaza.
around 10pm, went safari and saw lots of people inside so we had make a decision to go in.
kent yi was wearing short pants so we have to walk all the way back from genting hotel to theme park hotel. Gosh!
took a short rest in the room since everyone of us were so tired especially the legs.
after 15 minutes or more, we headed to safari and "put our hands up"! hahahahaha

left the party around 1am and lepak outside the highlands hotel because we need some fresh air. ;)
after breathed in enough of fresh air, backed to hotel, poker and chit chat a while before sleep.
most of us fell asleep around 3 or 4am.
while lin xi sat at the chair for the whole night listening to her mp3 till early in the morning.

the next day, lin xi and kent yi went to had the buffet breakfast and another 3 of us just ate maggie cup in the room.
after our stomach filled with foods, we bathed and started to pack our luggage.
since there were still early and we got plenty of time,
we did some camwhore in the room.
those pictures are with april now so click here to view it. =)

checked-out the hotel room and went to bus station.
left genting at 12.30pm and reached titiwangsa at approximately 1.30pm.
we waved goodbye to each other and took our own transport back to our home sweet home. XD

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