Tuesday, September 29, 2009
Christmas @ 2007

Since I'm very free staying at home,
I took out all the photos taken during secondary school life,
and I found myself had a very fun, stupid, and also memorable times with my gang of friends.

Let me bring u all back to 2 years ago,
I went Genting for Christmas celebration with my jie muisss.

25/12/2007 @ Genting

We had a 3 days 2 night trips there.
There are a total of 7 persons,
so, we booked WORLD CLUB ROOM.
sounds very high class, right?
I was thought it very nice and high class,
with a small bar inside the room.
When I stepped into the room,
2 double beds right in front of me,
a television, wardrode and a small tea table.

Ok, after checked-in to the room,
time for us to rest a while and ofcourse not-to-forget fooling around also!

Our Lemon Ribena Story. *hahahahahahahahaha*

It has already become a necessity to almost every people to bring along to genting.

We were waiting to eat the maggi before off to countdown for Christmas. XD

Group photo. Teehee =D

I miss the time we used to fool around.
because of our playful attitude,
we used to know many new friends there.

This lady called Ceci, (claps, i still remember her name XD)
carmen said if someone pass by in front us,
we shout "Merry Christmas" to them.
a few people passed by and we shout at them,
only this lady stopped herself and sat down to chat with us.

what a coincidence is,
i saw her when i was at Ipoh to pray my grandparents during Qing Ming this year.
maybe this is called fade. =)

Don't know you all remember this guy or not,
he was the first runners-up of second batch super star.
I forgotten what's his name already.

We met this group of people at the lift area outside our hotel room.
They were playing cards and chit-chat there,
and we were there to chit-chat and eat KFC.
honestly, the feel is very good to chat with a bunch of friends there compared to in the room.

These 2 persons were the winner of the day!
No la,
that time we were playing truth or dare. (erm.. we only got dare, no truth >.<)
Carmen and Jia Khee were asked to ask a stranger to take photo with them.

We were back to KL on 26/12.

Photo taken at the bus station @ Genting Cable Car.
That's all for our 2007 Christmas.

p/s: Jia Khee, Vye Khee, Yi Shan, Carmen!!! I miss you la!!! Faster plan for our next trip to Genting again! ;)

Monday, September 28, 2009
Cousin Sister's Wedding

I've left to Bentong from 25/9 till 27/9...
because, my eldest cousin sister was getting married on 26/9.

Early in the morning of 26/9,
everyone were waking early to prepare things.
Especially the bride,
have to wake up earlier to make herself ups.

My mom and my pretty cousin sis aka the bride.
can be seen clearly that she did not have enough sleep...
big dark circles and eye bags. ( I did edited to make it doesn't look worse)

After the bride was prepared,
and her ji muisss all came,
they started to prepare the things use to play the groom and his heng dai.

The groom reached.
Time to show his sincerity.

there always comes the heng dai to helped him.
This is what we called "Heng Dai" ma...

The bride and the groom.
My cousin sis and cousin brother-in-law.

The groom was showing his gentleness,
helping the bride to wear the heels.

After all the tea ceremony,
it's time for photo taking with the bride and groom.
All the cousins with the cousin sis and cousin bro-in-law.

Wedding dinner was held at 7pm @ Bentong Long Feng Restaurant.

Me with the dress bii bought for me. ^^

The foods were tasty.
I should say,
is much more tasty than many other restaurant in KL.
Only the karaoke in the restaurant very annoying.
I mean those who sing it.
damn annoying.

Family photo is a must during this kind of event.

The wedding dinner ended around 10.30pm.

before we leave,
took photo with the bride and the groom again.

congratulations to the newly wedded couple and stay happiness.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Finally done with the final exam.
Just hope can score at least CREDIT.
*no need resit then ok d, lolz*
I was staying at hostel to do revision from 4/9 - 15/9.
My life only packed with books.
Everyday wake up then study,
finished study, sleep again.

*I used to know it from my friend*
when we are suffering from stress,
we can eat dessert to release the stress.
the more stress we have,
the more dessert we should eat.

Oh ya!
Since I study till no days and nights,
everyday sleeps only few hours,
wake up in the midnight to study/memorise,
alot of pimples pop out on my face,
especially the forehead!
and my eyebag + dark circle,

Yesterday once I back to home,
I quickly went to wash my face,
and then apply the aloe vera mask.
I like the aloe vera mask from skinfood.
Its so YUMMY!
No la,
I mean the smell so sweet,
feel like eating it so much!
Thanks to my jie mui for bought it to me.

*The aloe vera moisturising mask & sake peach concealer from skinfood*

On the night i went Genting to celebrate my birthday,
I found there are machines to measure weight and height.
Only pay 40 cents,
it will print out our weight, height and count the BMI for us.
Since its only cost 40 cents,
why not i try it?

within a year time,
my weight increased from 42kg to 46.8kg now!
how fat am i!!!!
the formula to count for the BMI is:
weight(kg) / [height(m) * height(m)]

Tuesday, September 1, 2009
Birthday Celebration - III

A day before my birthday.
Venue: Pavilion
Time: 12-5pm
Mission: Buy Clothes
Bii bought a shirt from Zara
and I was thinking whether to buy the sweater from Zara too.
Finally, I DID NOT BUY IT.
Am regreting now.

*Waiting inside the car*

*Waiting outside the fitting room*


4 hours before my birthday.
Venue: Bii's home
Time: 8++pm
Both us were getting ourselves prepared to Genting.


2 hours before my birthday.

Venue: Kuchai Lama
Time: 10++pm
Finished our dinner and "Genting! Go! Go! Go!"

1/2 hour before my birthday.

Venue: Car Park, Genting Theme Park
Time: 11.20pm
Mission: Celebrate my birthday
Get the cake out from the car and walked to the Garden.

*Strawberry Tart from RT Pastry House*

*Lovers Garden*


*I was like promoting the cake*


*Make A Wish*

*1,2,3 Blow!*


Venue: Shogun Buffet, Sunway Pyramid
Time: 6pm



Honestly, the foods there not really nice.
The prawns were taste like rubber.
I won't be going there anymore.


Last 2 hours of my birthday.

Venue: Ah Kun's home
Time: 10.30pm
Since bii's friends wanna go Genting, so we all gather at Ah Kun's home and go Genting again.
We were stucked in the traffic jam in front of Ria Apartment at 12.10am.
Did not manage to watch the fireworks.
We stopped our car at the roadside and get down from the car to wait.
Once we get down from the car,
the wind kept blowing toward us.
We still can feel the coldness even we wore the jacket.
It was really COLD!!!
Get into the car and find parking.
( FYI, it was still having traffic jam )
We managed to park our car at 2am!!!
Yeah, we used 1 hour plus to reached the parking area beside theme park.
Walked around and had our supper at KFC.
Left at 4am.
Then, went kajang mamak yum cha till 6am only go home.
Almost faint.
Supposed to have fun during National Day.
But i spent my whole day to sleep at home.
What a waste.

*Wei Zai*Wyee Yee*Me*Bii*Qun Qun*Ah Kun*Xiao Kun*Hien Zai*

Birthday Celebration - II

Another birthday celebration was held on 22/8/09.
This was a celebration together with my ji mui-Carmen.
Her birthday is one week earlier than mine.
Meet with them-Carmen, Yi Shan and a special guest, Queenie, at Times Square.
Had our brunch at Papa John Pizza.
It's cheap, but...
For me, PizzaHut more tasty.
We were there chit-chatting from 12-2pm.
After that, we changed venue to TS food court for birthday cake blowing.
Again, we sat there for another 3 hours.
Talk till saliva also finish already.
So, we were planned to go oldtown for some snacks n drinks.
However, there was full with people.
Walked around to look for other restaurant/cafe.
Lastly, we stopped at Station Kopitiam.
Sat there for an hour.
It's time to wave goodbye!!!
Queenie alone went to take monorail
and 3 of us went to bus station.




Birthday Celebration - I

Due to some of my classmate wanted to go back hometown for exam preparation,
a super early birthday celebration of mine had been held on 18/8/09.
A day before that my friend asked me where to celebrate at??
"Steven corner", i answered.
Long time never been there, so miss their roti cheese.
Roti cheese was my reason to choose there.
Don't really remember everything in detail,
so lets look at the pictures:

*My birthday cake*

*Happy birthday to me!*

*The girls~*

*Group photo*

Be Patient

will update my blog after getting all the pics from my bii.

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