Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I'm officially 20 now and i had a pre-birthday dinner with my friends on the 22nd Aug.
The dinner supposed to held on 28th,
however, my fatboy couldn't make himself available on that day so we make it a week earlier.
April suggested to go Look Out Point and she was the one plan for everything for that night. *thanks
She dated everyone and told me Amanda, Eric, Leong and herself will be going only,
however, i was surprised by the other people that appeared on that night also,
that were Chin Chea aka Bear and the gf, Kent Yi and Zack.
Although it was a simple dinner that full of our laughter, i still love and appreciate it very much!
Thanks people!



On the 30th, where my birthday was,
my fatboy purposely take leave and rushed back from Johor to KL just to celebrate my birthday with me.
no big celebration on that day,
just went Neway in the morning and shopping after that,
had a simple dinner at night and that was my day.
The best present for my birthday was my fatboy managed to come back celebrate with me.
That's already enough for me.
Thanks my Fatboy! *muakss

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