Saturday, November 21, 2009

is it wondering what's the meaning of the post title?
am i going to write about my life from year 2004-2009?
or some memorable things happened within the years?
all wrong!!!

am going to post the changes of myself from year 2004-2009. XD
i mean the changes of my look =)

when i was 14...
with my middle split fringe. >.<
this picture was taken at a restaurant nearby The Mines,
the restaurant has aqua shows every Tuesday if im not mistaken.

when i was 16...
with my boy-cut hair.
went orphange to complete the moral assignment,
and this pic was taken with the indian orphan there.

when i was 17...
can't you see my "special" fringe? XD
i admit i used to be a LALA when i was in secondary

when i was 18...
i back to "normal", no more LALA hairstyle because of my job,
i was an admin clerk in BESTA electronic dictionary company's headquater.
this pic was taken during chinese new year of 2008.

this pic was taken on the month of november 2008.
my hair started to grew longer.

when i was 19...
dyed my hair to dark brown so that it won't look so gold as before.
with some light makeup before go for clubbing.
yeah! i'm 19 so i can enter some night clubs! XD

pic taken during my 19th birthday at Genting on the month of august.
hair grew longer and longer. =D

taken during my cousin sis's wedding on the month of september.
with hair extension...


this is the latest me!!! XD

any comment for my changes?

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

It's tuesday again.
as usual, we have 3 hours break before attending the next tutorial class.
we always like to find some places to chill whenever we got time. ;)
today's destination was Delicious.

when we were on the way to Delicious...

the outlook of the building.

when we stepped into the restaurant,
most of the customers were mat salleh. OMG
we seems to be the weird one because of our dressing and also our age.
and guess what,
we were seated at the middle point of the restaurant. >.<

*Hot Honey Lemon (RM5.90)*

*Donno what Lychee Mango (RM8.90)*
according to Mr.HienZai, it tasted weird.

*Short Latte (RM8.90)*

*Spaghetti with brinjal sauce (RM19.90)*
I've forgotten the actual name

*Mama's Beef Bolognese Spaghetti (RM19.90)*

*Traditional Spaghetti (RM17.90)*

*Four Cheese Macaroni (RM21.90)*

*Classic Beef Lasagna (RM19.90)*

Overall the foods are DELICIOUS. XD

Bicycle Riding @ Putrajaya

last sunday,
I was waken up by my bii around 7.30am. swt~
I was still in my dreamland,
and he was telling me that he's on the way to my home,
and gonna bring me to putrajaya for a bicycle ride.
Oh yeah!
After waiting for a looooooooooooong period,
finally i got the chance to go for cycling!

reached taman botani @ putrajaya around 8.30am.
since the bicycle renting service starts at 9am,
so, we walked around and took some photos.

the single bicycles were finished due to the persons queued in front of us already rent 10++ of the bicycle.
therefore, we forced to rent the couple bicycle.
its really hard for me to ride the couple bicycle,
because the bicycle too heavy so its hard to control.

its doesn't matter the person who sit behind ride or don't,
it will not affect the speed of the bicycle one.

because of this picture,
i got a new camera from my bii. ;)
its a long story,
so not gonna write it here.

my new camera, Sony CyberShot TX-1.
love it very much! <3
need to thanks my bii for bought it to me! XD

FYI, the bicycle renting service is available from 9am-6pm @ Taman Botani, Putrajaya.
for the single bicycle, its RM4 for 2 hours and below.
while, for the couple bicycle, its RM7 for 2 hours and below.

Thursday, November 5, 2009
Batu Cave

supposed to have CB and BEC lecture from 8am to 12pm today.
but, I skipped CB lecture and tagged along with April and the others to have breakfast at Danau Kota at 10am after she finished CB lecture.

when we were searching for nice foods at Danau Kota,
someone (I've forgotten whether it's Ruby or April) suggested to go Batu Cave for the fish porridge.
the rest of us just agreed with it.
wroom~ wroom~
start our journey to Batu Caves.

reached the restaurant around 10.30am.
we ordered fish porridge, mee goreng and wat tan hor.

the porridge is just okay.
the mee goreng is too "water-ish".
and the wat tan hor,
i prefer Ipoh one.
I couldn't find one better than Ipoh one.
the wat tan hor i ate at Ipoh is totally different with the one we usually eat in KL.
Ipoh one's the best! ;)

after we finished our breakfast,
we headed to batu caves.

272 steps of stair.
ready, get set, GO! XD

*Half way of the stairs*

when we climbed up to the top,
we were almost faint.
so tired man!
walked into the cave and have some photo shooting.

*April*Ruby*Kent*Lynn* (Jeans promoters XD)

* ^Group photo^ *

photo taken before we left there.

off around 12.15pm and headed back to college for the next tutorial class at 1pm.

class ended at 2.30pm,
went wangsa walk to have lunch. ;)
there were april, lin xi, hienzai, chin chea, wai hong, eric, kah wai and I.

*2 pieces chicken set (RM9.90)*
I've changed one of the coleslaw to mashed potatoes

every set of meal will be served with a "biscuit",
In America, biscuit = bread
I like the biscuit very much!
about the fried chicken,
its tasteless!
and the chicken is very DRY!
I don't know is it their concept of healthy or what,
but, it is really bad!

the mashed potatoes is a bit different compared to the KFC ones.
the sauce has some minced pork and some very tiny veggie I think.

*dono what chicken rice set with a soft drink (RM8.95)*
kind of weird also.
not the taste weird,
but there's some red bean at the bottom of the bowl. swt~~

*Canjo Fries (RM2.90)*
the taste is almost same with the A&W french fries.
so nothing special to talk about.

chit-chat a while,
and talked about the "wolf" in our class.
can you imagine a GIRL snapping a GUY's butt with evil smile on the face?
try to imagine about it,
and you will know how is the "geli-ness".

after that,
walked around and then april sent me back to hostel.
waited daddy come to pick me up and go home!
2 weeks never go home,
miss my bed!

it's 11pm now,
want to sleep already,
tired after climbed 544 steps of stairs.
Good Night!

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